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Hi guys,

few weeks ago I submit my game for review by Amazon to get featured and a week ago I received an email by them telling me that my game was selected to be featured by Amazon.

When I received that email I was just flying 3 meters on the floor because I was expecting a good improvement in my downloads. Amazon never had good download rate : between 5 and 10 downloads per days.

I know from a friend of mine that get featured give you a lot of downloads.

That it’s normally true for Google Play but it doesn’t seems to be the same on Amazon.

Here the result from the week : 

September 25 : 3 downloads
September 26 : 3 downloads
September 27 : 3 downloads
September 28 : 5 downloads
September 29 : 1 downloads
September 30 : 0 downloads

To be honest I think it’s better not to be featured because it was better before! 🙂

I can understand that maybe my game is not so amazing like other popular one but this looks to me horrible result.

Anyone have any experience with that?

I contacted Amazon multiple times for that but until now I haven’t received any answer.



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